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the cat has fallen. the situation is at a loss.
09/30/2014 09:02 PM
Inhuman update!
(with the inks for patreon patrons as usual)

so in case you missed it, i wrote about robots and hekshanians this month, and kyo's been answering questions periodicly.

i've also decided to do a higher res version of the page, though i'm not 100% sure if i'll stikc with that or drop it. i guess it depends on how much work it is. but now there will be a 1200px wide version in addition to the normal 650px wide version.

my cousin's wedding (the reason i was out of town and missed last week's update) was nice. but something about it (seeing family? the weather?) triggered a serious depression episode that i'm still fighting. it's pretty bad, and has been having a serious negative impact on my ability to work. it also didn't help that attending the wedding and not being able to work put an extreme strain on finances. missing even four days when you're already poor can send you from 'shoot this weeks shopping trip is going to be light' to 'i cant afford this weeks shopping trip at all.' definately not helping the depression.

but hopefully it'll fade soon, and i'll be able to resume my usual breakneck pace.

i dunno. i have nothing else really to say, or at least nothing my depressed brain seems to be able to come up with. and normally this is where i'd be yelling about halloween, right? oh well. maybe next week.

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