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the cat has fallen. the situation is at a loss.
05/27/2015 05:57 PM
puts cats in sweatshirts or
Inhuman Update!
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i'm doing better this week! long-time followers will know one of my hobbies is collecting antidrug propaganda (especially the kind aimed at kids from the 90s! my childhood...) and at the urging of thegrinningcrow@tumblr i finally contacted one of the most prolific antidrug cartoon screenwriters of the era. and he responded! it was awesome!! he also gave me permission to post our back and forth, so i did that too.

the humidity is real gross today, but hopefully it'll rain soon. the veg garden is doin well. the onions are growing, though not big enough to eat yet. i dunno when you harvest onions. the tomatos are gettin big and startinig to flower, so that means they'll be fruiting soon. aaaaaand there's a raccoon! i saw him in the back yard. and got so excited i shouted RACCOON RACCOON out the window and he ran away. i am a reverse pokemon.

in a little less joyful news, i really hope anyone in texas/oklahoma/north-east mexico is okay. those storms were terrifying and i really really hope you guys are all still okay and still have your homes. if there's anyone who's had something washed away in the storm and made a gofundme or something, lemme know so i can give you a boost!

apart from that uhhh. i dunno. Fish and Friend are getting a bit bigger, but still about an inch long each. they're bolder now, and swim to the front/top of the tank to beg for food when they see a person go by. their water's a little soft though...i guess that means i have to add epsom salts? i'm just worried about them nibbling the salt crystals. maybe i can put the salt in the filter? i dunno if that's safe though.

uhhh i spent memorial day finishing up Wind Waker Second Quest. i forgot what a PAIN ganon's puppet is. i did get all the treasure maps and treasures this time around, though i skipped on a couple heart pieces. did get the hero's charm though, that was neat.

okay im gonna....rehydrate. enjoy your week guys.

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