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after a brief mental health pit, i am back

and inhuman updated!

finally, a long time teased and hinted plan starts to come to fruition. feels good.

i'd like to remind folks reading this once again that if you were backing me on patreon to please cancel your pledge there and move your pledge to ko-fi instead! in addition to letting their security team go, there's been a lot of other allegations floating around about patreon lately - some of which can be substantiated and have been by members of the press. the tl;dr is that i'm honestly not comfortable doing business on their platform anymore, but until i can get folks to move i am shackled to it for that greatest of all evils - money, ahead of a new england winter.

the last few weeks were a very bad depression for me which i'm only just starting to emerge a little from. insurance is still kerfucked, so even though my doctor supports the need for a medication change at this point we're all stuck waiting until i can -afford- the visits. at the moment its bad enough paying for all my meds out of pocket. i don't even want to think about recurring visits. i've had to cancel appointments already too cuz this was -supposed- to be fixed ages ago, but HR is just passing the buck around the office until open enrollment starts i suspect. what a great system. every other country in the world has this shit figured out, you know. only america is still wandering around like a raccoon with its head caught in a peanut butter jar.

well. what can you do. draw comics i guess?

see you next week i hope

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