Inhuman update

reminder, you can view the next 2 pages on kofi for any amount of dollars you care to give!

my death spiral luck finally seems to be easing up, it seems. tho i lost 3 days this week to SSRI withdrawl and that was fun (it was not fun). when tapering off of sertraline i hardly had any symptoms of withdrawl at all. lexapro? oh god, i was too dizzy and nauseated to stand. slammed right into the railing on our stairs because my balance was so fucked. at least i knwo that's what it was now, because at the time the symptoms were just severe and alarming and debilitating. so i have to taper even longer, and even slower. im down to 5mg every other day rn. absurd. zero stars, lexapro. zero stars.

the replacement ipad arrived and it works and i was able to recover the art program i use! unfortunately the WIP work is still...lost. and it cost me a few dollars to recover the brushes i use for color and inking. but hey, i can at least get back to commissions soon??

the arctic blast hit us and hit us hard, and the kitchen pipes froze even with the a space heater pointed right at em. i was able to thaw them out and there's no damage, thank fuck, which is what i mean by the bad luck easing up. it's still -here- but its not quite as -everything worst case scenario- at least. it was so cold ren didnt want to drink from the kitchen water dishes and decided to use the toilet instead!!! i dont blame her actually, it was physically painful to walk across that floor in bare feet. that's what -15f (before windchill) gets you.

ive been doing some small design tweaks on the site, folks may notice. but there's also some links!

inhuman joined KnifeBeetle which is a webcomic collective focused on long-form narrative-driven comics! i was really excited to get accepted to this lmao

i also began reading (and added bc its good) The Priestwife which is a webcomic by Ferro that's about curses and monsters and wierd eldritch religion and also surly queer knights. what's NOT to love.

if youre stalking my goodreads you already know i finished Nona the 9th, and wow i LOVED it. Gideon was a lot of fun, and Harrow was interesting, but i can't say that i -loved- either book. nona's just great all over. i'd honestly suggest reading the series out of order and starting with Nona. it's that good. just a real masterwork.

i also won a house in ffxiv which i didn't actually think i'd seriously win lmao but now i can stop torturing my friends by filling the FC yard with trees, tress, tress and more trees. my yard could use more trees though. ah well, only 19 item slots limits you i guess.

sincere and heartfelt shout-out tho to the folks who helped me with funds to replace the ipad and recover the brushes i like to use. jemli, azir, the hasbeen especially -but also thank you to the new people who signed up as ongoing supporters via kofi too. revelromp (balloons emoji go here) and topolis (bat emoji go here) (i dont plan to add the emojis) (just imagine) as well as of course all the regular supporters. it was a seriously rough january and i could not have survived without your help. i mean it.

this entry feels like it's getting a little long in the tooth and i can feel either brain zaps or coffee withdrawl (or both) coming on so i'll wrap it up here and get to cross posting

see you next week!

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