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i feel really bad about only getting one comic page done in august. i want to do better in september. theres another surgery sometime in my future. its both mh affirming healthcare and cancer preventitive... tamoxifen carries a substantial uterine cancer risk and i have to take tamoxifen to prevent breast cancer recurance for 5-10 years sooooooooooooooo life goes on. more than just that handful of years, usually??? but august felt like a year in itself, with an er visit and being utterly perplexed as to the nature of lockdown.


i went on a long ramble here abt the mental health implications of lockdown but i've since cut it and i feel all i really need to say is: please. get vaccinated. thank you. on to other topics?


peanut is becoming quite friendly (as long as i give her a half hour to wake up, and lots of live bugs as treats) and ive almost got her ears back to their healthy rounded shape. hedgehogs have a tonnn of personality. a lot of it is HOW DARE YOU tho.


audrey has been here a whole year!!! and shes become such a sweet funny little thing in that time. luna still pretends she loathes her, but ren has given up and is just like 'whatever'. well no not true, ren currently is just screaming at me because she wants dinner.


suppose thats a decent place to leave it. 


fixed up the shop page, and i'm working on redesigning another of my storage sites' landing pages... but thats still in the planning phase. 


i also put a slug related tshirt design up bc i just li ke seaslugs ok


other than that... ive just been spending free time feeling personally offended by this song Also being about cancer treatment. i feel seen. how dare you, ff xiv.


right, better feed ren before she starts a mutiny.

enjoy the comic

later friends

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