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the cat has fallen. the situation is at a loss.
05/30/2016 06:18 PM
i'm the director
Inhuman updated!

okay, BIG NEWS time!
tomorrow i will be signing my very first paid distribution comic for inhuman. it's for a webcomic app! i'm really excited!! it's not for any enormous sum, but it's still very exciting for me.

but the main thing is: this app will get pages 3 days before anywhere else. including my site! so if you're like a real hardcore fan who needs the page IMMEDIATELY, FIRST, you'll wanna get that app after i sign. patreon patrons are still the only ones who get all the sneaky behind the scenes wip stuff though! including first dibs on the tshirts (which are 30% off on their first two days of sale)

speaking of, there's also another tshirt up in the shop. a chuian tee!

grab your own here :v

i'm going to be trying to release one new tshirt a month in my shop! at least, one new inhuman tee a month.

in non-comic news, the cats have become pals and the weather is seriously summer here. humid, hot...and stormy! yaaay storms! i doubled the size of our little veg patch and started some catnip drying...but other than that, yeah, just kinda...glad to be able to have windows open again.

see ya'all next week + three days!

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