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its july wahoo?

first of all, the fight gets slippery in the inhuman update

here family has come and gone for their visit, so i'm getting back to things like gardening and fixing the house. still need to pick up sawhorses at some point...

now that ive completed the actual story of ffxiv i can confidently say: shadowbringers is really the only writing that's like a must-play experience, you kind of stumble and slog through the first 3 expansions living for a few small shining moments or a given character you like a lot. and glam is a lot of fun, and theres lots of creatures to collect in-game. im glad that now faerie has a lot of people i know on it though, and that soon we'll be able to visit other data centers. but there are of course always jerks but in general it seems the player base is able to cooperate and be kind for the max 1hr youre stuck together

anyway. its a fun game, would rec, but not until u can either afford or get shadowbringers for free as an expansion. and then you def want some friends who play (hi!) to help you through some of the trickier fights.

unrelated to that kind of nerd shit, is THIS kind of nerd shit!

i'm excited to finally have some daisies (from my aunt) and nightshade (from my walks) in the garden. nightshade berries are poison, yes, but so is lily of the valley and that just swarms our house so i dont feel bad adding it. it has beautiful purple & yellow blossoms and a cool leaf, and seems to just like shade and soil with a lot of leaf litter and rot. so i put it out by the boneyard lol

some berries that arent poison are the wild blackberries coming in, and i really ought to get on gathering those before the birds do.

oh yeah!!! have you seen my friend gin's really cute kickstarter for plush puppies??? it ends when the month does, so if you want a really cute dog plush by a really sweet and talented person you'll wanna get in on it before then.

right. gotta get those berries and trim some branches back from the barn.

oh... one more thing

lately a lot of people wrote me emails that were just basically saying like 'hey i used to read your comic a long time ago and i'm catching up! yay how are you!' or whatever. thank you all so much!! it means a lot, especially as i take on what is (imo) the hardest part of a story to execute well.... the ending :x i know, ive been saying its ending for years but. trust me. ya gotta. and because its difficult i often have a crisis of confidence working on it lately. so fan support and comments and all that stuff really means a lot to me. i can only hope that for everyone coming back, you're happy with what you find and excited for more!!!

ok back into the soup-like humid air. later.

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