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the cat has fallen. the situation is at a loss.
07/22/2014 01:10 PM
bloopa doop doop
Inhuman updated!
(and the inks are on patreon for sponors of any level)

stuff's calmed down here considerably. some people might have known, i was dealing with some out-of-nowhere pretty intense baseless nervous feelings over the weekend. i wish i knew why, but they prompted me to put down the coffee and switch to tea for a few days to keep my head straight.

and yeah, i know tea also has caffeine. but it doesn't slam into my brain like a freight train the way coffee does :o so it kept me awake and kept caffeine withdrawl away, without making me a nervous wreck. i do miss coffee though. tea's great and all but coffee is....coffee.....mmm

the post with all the pokeshaming art went viral on tumblr with over like 4,000 notes as of my writing this :O i've never had a post go THAT crazy before. it took about 4k before someone removed my artist comment and credit and added their own caption (their eloquent caption? "O.O" blegh) but hey whatever, i signed em all. can't win em all.

also i finally made a doctor's appointment for my shoulder (and a few other things), so dude, if you are reading this and back my patreon: thank you, personally, for helping me get that. hopefully i'll come back with some sort of magic fix for my shoulder and a clean bill of health otherwise.

weirdly tho? the doctor's office i used to go to here in town, that i picked *specificially* because it was within walking distance and i don't drive? has no doctor in it anymore! so i have to go to a satellite affiliate office the next town over or something. they said they'll get someone new on staff at the start of fall, btu still, kind of a pain in the ass there.

some stuff remains serious with friends, but hopefully it'll sort itself out and everything and everyone will be okay. what the hell, july.

oh yeah, and i also placed the breakdown of planning sketches for this week's page on my patreon! you don't have to back patreon to see it, it's completely free. but if you do find that stuff neat, consider tossin' me like a dollar per comic page or somethin.

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