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the cat has fallen. the situation is at a loss.
04/21/2015 08:02 PM
these special effects guys can do anything :O
Inhuman update!
(and yeah, of course there's patreon inks)

the plants are coming up!!! we cleared off the front garden and put in some new plants (including more salvia, since bees seem to love it) and the phlox is starting to green up and come back to life. still gotta handle the back yard gardens and the giant rhubarb plant, but it's just nice to have LIVING PLANTS outside again. ren's also pretty pleased, since the lighter weather curtains mean she can sit in windows again.

also i did a little bit of site updating. added .cbz and .zips for all the archives, and updated the .pdf archives for the first 8 arcs. originally their pdfs were put together in microsoft word, and so were all resized and compressed weird. should be just straight images now!

i also changed the page 1 author text to be a little more clarifying and helpful.

and in that vein, i've started working on what's going to be known as the Inhuman Cheat Sheet. basically a page that has a summary of each arc, so that if you've fallen behind and want to catch up (or just want to recap), you'll be able to do that by reading a few paragraphs. BUT it's kind of a big job, so i've only got as far as halfway through arc 5. arcs 5 and 6 are the largest in the archives, though, so it should go a lot faster once i'm through those monsters!

patreon patrons do get a peek at the cheat sheet rough draft, though. :>

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