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hello, im back
with another inhuman page for everyone

i decided not to do any inktober this year, partly because the guy who originally ran it is being a chud and taking ownership of anything with the name and partly because i just have other things i wanna focus on.

some of that is house repairs and upkeep with prep for winter! we have an extremely old window in the basement with very thin glass, some of which was cracked. it was a constant source of drafts and probably a factor in why our pipes freeze on cold nights in winter. so i ordered a bunch of stuff (clear hard plastic, lumber, etc) got out my power tools and... sealed that bad boy up. i also built some shelving and put up a new mailbox and stopped up a draft on the front door, but the basement window i'm quite proud of.

the other thing i'm doing is attempting to collect every mewtwo plush ever made. i'm funding this madness by selling my old mewtwo cards, some of which were really valuable. the extra went straight into winter supply funding. but i am left now with 3 extremely difficult to find plush to track down, and it's driving me a little bit crazy. once a pokemon collector always a pokemon collector i guess.

i haven't started to decorate for halloween yet, but that's gonna happen soon... i dont know if our town will do it. even if we do, i won't be out there handing out candy. i'll just have a few buckets out there for kids to take from. and maybe i'll be hiding behind glass in the enclosed porch to jump up and startle them because i'm a terrible ghoul.

dunno. the future is full of uncertainties. the only certainty is it'll get here at some point.

stay safe out there.

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