hey guess what
Inhuman update, with the first of the epilogue pages!

i meant to have finished more epi pages for ko-fi backers to read early, but it's been kind of a crazy couple of weeks. a lot of doctors, a lot of vets, a lot of just routine stuff taking up time. but i'm here, i'm queer, the epilogue is starting when i said it would and its so far on track with its projected length! please enjoy, and if you're dying to read ahead, you can always back on ko-fi for any amount for that.

and did you know!? itch.io's QUEER GAMES JAM 2023 is up! it's over 300 games, books, comics, assets and more from over 100 queer creators, and we're all splitting profits evenly. did i say we? i did! because i'm one of those creators this year! it's really exciting for me to be part of my first jam on itchio so please, check it out! maybe you'll find a new fav.

i mentioned last week having a store update - and here it is! print comics for arcs 11-15 are now in the shop! Order comics here, and help support the ongoing re-scan of ancient pages towards an omnibus printing.

other than that and the medical stuff, things proceed as normo here. i'm still drawing a lot of plants outdoors, but for pride i'm also going to try to draw lots of gay dragons. last year it was birds, this year dragons. it only seems to make logical sense to me.

thank you everyone for your patience while i worked on the epilogue. i hope you enjoy. see you next week!

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