hey friends
no comic update this week - i'm sorry. ive been juggling weekly dr and vet stuff but what really threw me was the very sudden death of a friend's cat. a cat friend of mine. she was about ren's age, and now ren is the last 'healthy' member of her generation i know so im a little bit freaked abt that. what with her rough kidney condition and arthritis and being very inbred to be so pretty. but also, i really just wish my cat friend had not passed away. i loved seeing her and bringing her little gifts of tribute. they have such a presence for such small animals, just little people in soft coats.

so, i'm working on the delayed comic (any contribution to patreon unlocks a wip post here) but also i recently got bit by the computer touching bug again and felt a burning desire to recover the contents of 3 iomega zip disks (think 3.5 floppy but CHONK, and held 100mb) and also install 3 internal hard drives. the hard drives... there's no story there lmao. but the zip drives, in addition to some very 90s mp3s (gundam wing, eve 6, tenchi muyo and squirrel nut zippers) contained some REALLY old writing. stuff from 2002 at the latest.

and some of it was comic-verse related! so i put it up on the site for people who might be interested. here, i'll copy what i wrote on kofi:

i had a stack of iomega zip drive disks lying around i wanted to check the contents of, and i did, and on one i found some really really old inhuman stuff.

one was a 100+pg draft of a 'novel' i was writing that eventually became the comic. chapter 2 is titled 'the astral plane' and dragons are key so it's also a very different -kind- of story lmfao. its last edit was in the year 2002. i packed it away the first year of college and started the comic the year after it'd seem??

the other is a shorter draft scene, from 1997. written largely to be late in the story and from kyo's pov it's primarily him... walking around the jungle... thinking he's made some poor choices. only some things are pretty different and also everyone uses extremely cringey late 90s weeb callsigns over radio to eachother.

are either of these any good? ... maybe not

is this an attempt to make good because i havent got an actual comic page to update with this week again? you betcha

but someone might find it interesting for about .30 seconds and hey, that matters in this rapid pace crapsack world

anyway have fun!!!

trying to hype myself up for the 5k breast cancer walk next weekend, but it feels both impossibly far away and also like it wont happen in my mind?? i think just because the nyc con was such a bust, my brain has decided now everything will be.

alph and i went apple picking between vets and drs on friday, and now the crisper has like 40lbs of honeycrisp apples in it just chillin'. they will likely last us into spring haha

arc 5 print progress slogs along - it's currently at 25% done as i write this.

weather's gone real chilly real fast up here. dunno. im worried about finances for winter, as usual, but i dont think ive ever -not- been worried about winter finances, since ive been in charge of my own. always just feels like im on the verge of freezing to death after going broke. not my fav season.

hopefully ill have the finished page for you by next sunday
stay lovely

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