Alien Classification System

Due to the great variety in species that exist in the Inhuman universe, the system of paperwork and red tape itself had to change to accomidate. Originally, paperwork simply had a section for filling in species type. This was very early on, however, and so many species were not well known and so those who filed the paperwork didn't really glean any useful information from simply the name of the species. This also lead to many issues of employers turning down employees based on species bias. Not to mention the issue it left for half-bloods, who could absolutely run the gamit in terms of shape, size, and special requirements.

The solution which was adopted was a system of letter code identification. On paperwork, along with such things as name and sex, there is a section for filling in one's particular Type Identification Code (TIC). This code is learned very early as it is even used on standardized testing in elementary schools and is reused over and over all throughout a person's life (much like a social security number).

The codes themselves run as follows: Leg type | Size type | Hand type | Other
To understand how such a code looks, one must know the letter code system. These are thems, dame.

Leg Type
A quadruped
B biped digitgrade
C biped plantigrade
D hexpedal
E alterable
F other
Body Size Type
A small (Myche, Chuian)
B medium (Hekshanian, Animarian, small Human)
C large (Rakwulf, large Human, Roger)
D very large (Nikitak)
E alterable (Mite)

Hand Type (fingers per hand)
A two fingers
B three fingers
C four fingers
D five fingers
E one or none

Other Factors
important details which could effect medical needs or physical limitations/abilities
K aquatic (water breathing)
P amphibious (water and air breathing)
Q compound eyes
R cold-blooded
T tail
W flight or gliding ability

So, for example, a typical Nikitak TIC would read as EDBT. E for alterable walking (Nikitaks can walk on two, four or all six limbs), D for very large body size, B for tridactyl hands and T for a tail.

These can vary between two individuals of the same species, of course, as there are always some members of species which go up or down a body size level or may have a genetic defect. This prevents a good deal of predjudices and is quite useful when placing adds. Certain jobs may require the D hand type or be too dangerous for a cold-blooded alien to preform due to temperature issues. However, some aliens may be exceptional (an alien with a B hand type applying for one where a D was requested may still be dexterous enough to preform the job) and so, if an employer makes a specific code request and someone who directly contradicts that request still applies, the employer is forced by law to give them a face to face interview to evaluate if they are really capable of the job or not. Some people feel this gives those who apply to jobs against their type an unfair advantage and so the law is under a bit of pressure to be reviewed. Unfortunately there really is no way around it, since the other road seems to lead to rejecting potentially qualified applicants due to something they can't help without giving them a chance to prove themselves.

While these codes are openly and widely used, they almost never come up in casual conversations or casual thought. They are used almost exclusively in paperwork and nothing else as they are meant to give a glimpse of what an applicant may look like without actually meeting them. Unless someone works in a job where they actually have to file these paperworks, the full range of code letters are usually not known by individuals. People tend to memorize their own code for their own use and not bother to think about it any more than that.


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