Custom Art Commission Form
If you're interested in paying me money to draw a specific piece of art for you, I'm on board. I would love to do that! Please fill out this form, and read the TOS at the bottom, and I'll reply to you asap with a quote.

If you're confused about something on the form, or your idea seems at odds with the form's contents, feel free to email me and we'll straighten things out: cial @

This form is NOT meant for adult-oriented artwork commissions. Jsyk!

What will you get?
One (simplified) brushpen drawing (starts at: 20$) [Example]
A badge or waist-up only drawing (starts at: 35$) [Example]
An inks-only drawing (starts at: 35$) [Example]
A full-body character drawing(starts at: $50) [Example]
Digital art rendition (starts at: 35$)[Example]

What's your email or contact info?

How do you plan to pay for this? (If using paypal, please input your paypal address)

Do you want additional characters, a background/scene, or complex props and outfits? Please be descriptive if yes!

Please paste character reference links and/or a description of your character and what you might like to see them doing here!

Any other comments?

Here's the disclosure thingie...
"I understand the description/style of the art I'm applying for. I understand that if a piece is complicated or contains elements that will require additional work (extra characters, backgrounds, armor, complex poses/props) I will be contacted & quoted a price for the full piece. I have the choice of agreeing to the additional fee or changing/cancelling my request at that time.
"I understand that brushpens requests are not provided with a sketch for approval. If I do recieve a sketch, I'm allowed to ask for edits up to 3 times before I have to pay for additional edits.
"I understand that some things (ex: armor, guns, backgrounds, additional characters, difficult-to-parse references) may garner additional fees. I understand that should this be the case, the artist will contact me to discuss it.
"I understand that once I have agreed upon a price with the artist, I will be asked to pay the quoted price in full up front. This is to be paid in a timely fashion, and I agree I do not intend to issue a chargeback after I receive my piece.
"I understand that until I have paid for my art, the artist is under no obligation to offer updates to me. I understand that once I have paid, the artist will do his best to keep me informed about the progress on my piece.
"I understand the artist doesn't have spellcheck.
"I understand that the artist can choose to reject my request for any reason. I understand that this form is not for requesting adult artwork.
"I understand the artist retains the rights to the work I commission as far as display etc. I am allowed to request that pieces remain private and not be reposted. I am allowed to repost my piece, provided I do so without intent to profit off of it or claim it is my own work. Pieces commissioned are NOT meant for use on business logos, tshirts or other things from which I may profit from the artist's work."
Yes, I understand this TOS.