Inhuman is a story which takes place ~1000 years in the future. In that time, aliens have contacted Earth and their existance normalized. Near-light speed travel has been mastered and hypermassive "Jump Gates" enable transit between distant interstellar worlds.

A relatively new religion known as Rulerism has emerged in this time. With the backing of powerful allies and their own military, Rulerist forces have become an unwelcome occupying force in several regions. While it's known Rulerists are researching modified biological organisms, the details are scant.

That is until Grey, a teenaged boy from Earth, comes to the attention of a few parties. Classified as a bioweapon, the taciturn child reveals more about the underlying conflict than was ever intended.

The Elevator Pitch: A schizophrenic GMO is kidnapped by fringe militants. When it's revealed he's part of a top-secret project, he goes on the run with a PTSD alcoholic alien while his kidnappers try to figure out the truth.

The Trigger Warnings: This is a comic with a lot of sad and mentally ill people in it, so you WILL encounter death, blood, alcoholism, substance abuse, gaslighting, hallucinations, depersonalization and self injury. Not everyone knows the right way to help themselves in this comic.

Inhuman has been online since 2003. It is drawn on paper with ink and paint, then scanned and lettered digitally. It's meant for readers aged 16+. It explores themes of trauma, identity and choice. It is 720+ pages long and fully colored. It is a work in progress.

all the characters here man
Name: Grey
Age: 16?
Species: Human?
A mysterious underweight young human, he appears to have connections to the Rulerist military.
Name: Soshika Lypha
Age: 19
Species: Hekshanian
A sullen medic who does not get along well with Humans, Soshika's parents were killed in the Hekshanian Massacre.
Name: Solla Flint
Age: 24
Species: Animarian
A serious and composed intelligence officer, Solla is more open-minded than many of her people.
Name: Ro Koji
Age: 32
Species: Nikitak
A jovial and friendly pilot, Ro Koji acts as a father figure to the other soldiers.
Name: Kyotoshi Lypha
Age: 24
Species: Hekshanian
Soshika's brother, Kyotoshi is a friendly but deeply traumatized. He is not okay.
Name: Ashido Tsukiyo
Age: 20s?
Species: Mite
A seemingly upbeat former rockstar, Ashido has joined the resistance in his siblings' memory.
Name: Sartre
Age: 38
Species: Myche
Sullen and abraisive, Sartre's attitude is only matched by his intelligence and ability to gather information in times of need.
Name: Aslilin
Age: ??
Species: Human?
A cold and calculating bounty hunter, her strange resemblance to Grey is not just limited to physical similarities.
Name: Benjamin
Age: ??
Species: ??
A telepathic cat-like creature claiming to be Aslilin's twin brother, he seems the more Human of the two.
Name: Emerill/Em
Age: 24
Species: Rakwulf/Human (halfie)
A friendly dock worker from Earth and Grey's past. What happened to him is a mystery...
Name: Dr. Akia (jr)
Age: 28
Species: Human
Son of the Project leader, his bedside manner is lacking and sympathies for Cin and Grey nonexistant.
Name: Cinne/Cin
Age: 16?
Species: Human
A capricious coworker of Em's, Cin seems to have access to classified information about Grey.

About the Artist/Author

Icarus (he/him) is a jewish man born in New Jersey in 1982. He's trans. He grew up in the rural northeast USA. He's been to many places including the west coast, Japan, Australia, Austria, Italy, Canada and others before settling in Massachusetts. He really likes coffee. He strongly identifies with the messed up protag of ffvii, Cloud Strife. He's had major depression symptoms most of his life, and has symptoms cocurrent w ptsd. He's generally withdrawn with new people. In the Before Times, he worked in childhood education either teaching English as a second language and/or working with students who have IEPs.

In dec. 2018 he was diagnosed with stage 3a invasive ductal carcinoma, underwent chemotherapy and radiation (2019), and is at the moment considered free of cancer. It will be ten years on a cancer drug, ending 2029. The cancer reached stage 3a because the sexism and transphobia in medicine is real. He tries to talk less about the cancer, because people become uncomfortable if you talk too much about the big C. It is difficult.

He was married in 2011 and lives with his spouse and their cats (Ren, Luna and Audrey) along with a cast of smaller beasts.

He loves attending conventions. He misses them.