alien index list

i love to worldbuild, and i love to make up aliens and write -all about- their fictional biology and cultures. perhaps you'll enjoy reading those

wind up bug virtual pet

a legacy javascript web-based virtual pet, which was found on the oldest archived version of (december 2000!) all fixed up for anyone to play with.

other writings

other writings that expand the universe and lore and whatnot. some alien planet guides, stuff about alien knives... you know, normal things.


a collection of (in these days, underwhelming) things like icons, lower-rez wallpapers, etc made by both myself and fans over the years. this whole "internet 2.0" isnt a fan of such things u_u but i am :D

a text-based MUD au

speaking of things from before web 2.0 existed, sabrous is a text based multiplayer AU of many of the things from Inhuman. yes, you can play as a nikitak.

flashcards ft. inhuman aliens

get this, for like two years i lived and then worked in japan. my job was, as it is for many gaikokujin, an english teacher. i made a -ton- of flashcards and signs or whatever. i welcome others teaching classes to use them. the resolution isnt great but neither is the art so it works out lol