Want some Inhuman stuff? A nikitak mug? A t-shirt with sartre scowling? Some stickers for the new laptop? A paperback comic? You're in the right place.

The convention Overstock item shop
sculpture, prints, patches, comics, stickers... stuff i make/store in-house & ship out.

A bunch of pdfs for download of sketchbooks and whatnot
Compolations of inhuman-verse art by year, zines etc for download. Suggested price $1.00 USD.

Tshirt shop on teepublic
tshirts, hoodies, mugs, phone cases etc...

Looking to hire me for artwork?
You'll want to head over to this site, friend.

If you're looking for other ways to support me...
Please either look into my Ko-fi or Patreon. I also have a (mostly art supplies) Wishlist. Thank you so much for looking!