About Conturians

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Race Name: Conturian (Conturians being plural)
Homeworld Name: Contura
Religions: Pado
Main Cities: Pama, Shoola

Conturians, like their cousin race the Chuians, are mouse like aliens which reach approximately one meter in height. Their fur colour is typically earth-toned, like their Chuian cousins. More lean and rodent-like than their cousins, Conturians are covered in a downy and curled fur from birth. Their two hairless tails are their most striking feature, thought once to help aid the Conturians in balance and grip. Their eyes are dark and beady, and ears tall and hairless.

They are primarily nocturnal. Behaviorally calm and quiet, Conturians spend a great deal of time thinking and following intellectual pursuits. Pacifists to the core, Conturians do not engage in conflicts- even those of an argumentative nature. If presented with conflict, Conturians will always walk away quietly with a smile.

Like their Chuian cousins, they walk bipedal. Unlike Chuians, however, their bodies tend to be longer and limbs more balanced. Their hands have four digits, compared to the Chuians' three, though their feet are similar. The skull of a Conturian is longer in the snout and muzzle region than a Chuian, and thinner across the top. Also unlike Chuians, they have several sensory whiskers on their faces. The two species can, however, interbreed without fear of dangerous mutations as they share a genus.

It is extremely difficult to tell a male Conturian from a female, as the two look identical when clothed. The only visible external difference on an unclothed Conturian is that males have testes. Voices and behaviors between males and females are remarkably similar, so visitors to Contura simply avoid referring to Conturians by any pronouns at all to avoid confusion. For their part, Conturians seem quite pleased with this arrangement.

Mating between Conturians is almost identical to mating between domesticated Earth mice, with one exception - It is far less violent and never, ever driven by struggles for dominance. Conturians often mate for recreation, but only with a consenting partner. It is quite common for a Conturian and Chuian to mate, though Conturians rarely seek partnerships with other aliens.

Conturian mothers give birth after approximately three months, and typically to between two to three kits. The offspring are born with their eyes closed, covered in a downy fur, and are helpless for the first few weeks of their lives. At approximately one month of age they begin to enter childhood, and are full grown in about 15 Human years. The average lifespan of a Conturian is a surprisingly short 45 Human years.

A Conturian family unit, too, reflects their easy-going nature. There are no true family units, though mated or married couple will often stay together for many years - if not a lifetime. Otherwise, Conturian social structures much more closely resemble sects of monks than families. All members of the unit are referred to by words for siblings, the eldest being referred to by parental words. The group does everything together, or at least in groups of two - this includes worship, creative production or play.

Religion plays a major factor in the life of each Conturian. They believe strongly in the sanctity of all life, especially the life of plants. Almost all Conturian religious ceremonies revolve around plant life, be it singing thanks to plant matter used, or blessing new plants which are to be sewn.

While Chuians focus much more on the tangible side of living, Conturians are much more involved with the intangible. They spend a great deal of time seeking spiritual paths towards enlightenment and healing, and in doing so have created some uniquely gorgeous pieces of surreal art and music. These pieces encompass the vast majority of the arts on Contura, and even Chuian-made art in the form of games or writing is always heavily influenced by the work of the Conturian masters.

Apart from their own pursuits, Conturians gather the knowledge and arts of other cultures as well, believing that immersion in the spiritual endeavors of other species can only lead to a greater understanding of their own souls. As a direct result, Conturians have gathered some of the greatest reserves of knowledge and arts in the known universe.

Chuians are content to allow Conturians to handle all of these spiritual pursuits, and so when the Conturians sought to settle a holy city of Pama in the jungles of Contura, they were happy to assist in building defenses and housing for their cousins. Pama currently houses some of the galaxy's best museums and libraries, and welcome visitors who want to partake of their deep well of knowledge.

Conturians almost never leave their home planet, as they believe that their spiritual growth is rooted to their home as the trees are rooted to the soil. However, those races who choose to visit Contura find the religious Conturians welcoming and friendly. While they leave most direct inter-species relations to the Chuians, Conturians do not shy away from interacting with aliens. Shockingly, they do not object to Rulerism as a whole and believe that it, as a new religion, is still finding its true calling and direction.