About Halfbloods
Race Name: Half-blood or Halfblood (Half-bloods being the plural, Halfies the slang)
Homeworld Name: Dependent upon parents
Religions: Dependent upon parents

Quite simply, a halfblood is the offspring of two different alien races. Halfbloods vary sharply in their looks, biology, beliefs and language. Generally rare to begin with, they are often quite homely in appearance and frequently suffer from crippling birth defects. Common amoung these defects are anemia, diabeties, poor bone development and mental retardation. For this reason, halfbloods are commonly thought of as unsuitable for most jobs and are often looked down upon. Their features are a mixture of both parents species, but to varying degrees. Some half-bloods may be a barely mobile goblin while others may look almost entirely like one parent's species with only a few phyiscal irregularities.

The birth of a halfblood alone is a rarity. For two parents to be of a different species and still be able to produce an offspring it was found that the parents must at least be of a similar genetic makeup. Generally speaking, Mammalians can breed with mammalians and repto-avians with repto-avians, but reptilians can not be expected to have an infant with mammals. The physical copulation of the parents must also be possible. If the copulation methods are too drastically different, the egg will most likely not be fertalized.

In the unlikely event that two different species succeed in fertalizing an egg between one another, the egg must then endure the potentially hostile enviroment of the mother's body. Most female bodies sense the alien presence as a disease and antibodies kill off the child before it is even partially developed- or the egg itself simply can not withstand the mother's antibodies and dies. Mysteriously, half-bloods born of a Human mother seem to have a higher survival rate than others.

If the fertalized egg manages to develop into a foetus and survive childbirth, most halfbloods die within a few months of their birth. Those who do not perish suffer the aforementioned defects. Almost all halfbloods are sterile, a byproduct of the hybrid fertalization. The chances of a halfblood having children is slim to none- their offspring will also have to go through the same hardships they themselves did prior to birth and so even if a halfblood is fertile, their young are equally unlikely to survive.

Halfblood births, however, obviously happen. They are commonly found in areas with frequent alien presence or where two species are living in close confines. Rakwulf-Hekshanian hybrids are found with some regularity on Hekshano, as are Nikitak-Chuian and Conturian-Chuian hybrids on Contura.

It is possible to artifically fertalize the egg of one species with the sperm of another, thus creating a test-tube halfblood. If a couple of two different species has excessive money and really really wants a child, this kind of procedure can be purchased from speciality clinics for large sums. The children still suffer most of the defects and risks of a natural-borne halfblood, though, and so this is generally a rather selfish choice on the part of the parents.