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hi again reader, inhuman updated.

this page took extra long because i'm at a point with the fight where i'm trying not to be too repetitive or obvious!! it's ... tricky. not sure i've really nailed it lol but hopefully it'll work in long form as read from the start of the arc or whatever.

here i'm still having my little personal vanity crisis abt some hair never regrowing after treatment. mostly bc i know when my mom sees shes going to blame me being trans/hrt instead of you know. the. cancer treatment. or the cancer medication i am still on, which lists the side effect of thin/losing hair............ whatever rip anyway i'm glad my og fursona is part armadillo because at least i have -some- personal character i dont feel suddenly disconnected from. armadillos have truly intricate and adorable domes, i must say.

uh. besides that nonsense, the deck finally FINALLY! nears completion. the cats would love to check it out, and i'd love to take them. but access right now is only via window. sorry, creatures. we all must wait. but it's gonna be so great.

some days i struggle to draw, some days i struggle to wake up. but when i draw something i'm pleased with it's always a nice surprise. i hope you also enjoy my drawings.

i have been avoiding twitter even more than before because i cannot deal with how badly its run. postybirb is a -great- tool for crossposting, so folks would never know i'm gone. but... yeah. i guess i should put something like 'dms and [profile] s not checked regularly' in the bio but eh. my email is right there in the contact info.

speaking of i'm working on a redesign for deathsticks dot org. not ready to launch yet, but it will involve bright colors and lil bobby antennea.

until next time.

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