Jump Gates

One of the most intruiging concepts of travel in the W-10 universe is the Jump Gate. It's not a new idea to Sci-Fi, in fact I recently saw it implimented in the anime "Cowboy Bebop." I am, I think, the only person to actually try to explain the Jump Gates however.

The concept of the Jump Gates stems from the scientific known that light is the fastest speed we can attain. If one was to go faster than the speed of light (shut up and pretend it's possiable), they would have to become pure energy. Therefore, energy is faster than the speed of light. The Speed of Energy. This is the speed at which ships travelling between Jump Gates use.

To understand the insides of a Jump Gate, you have to first understand the general idea. A Jump Gate is designed to take a ship into a designated chamber with all parties abourd, break it down into energy, store the molecular structure and biological structure of said ship and crew in a supercomputer database, and transmit this newly created energy across space to another given point. To capture the incoming energy, the reciving Gate would have something somewhat like a solar panel which would bring this specific type of energy into another chamber, use the data transmitted in the computer to reconstruct the crew and ship, and release them again. This is all in theory. Pretend they figured out all the bugs that could happen.

The inside of a Jump Gate is something like a nuclear reactor, splitting atoms. However, since the atoms get split, they need the information stored so they can be put back together. The Jump Gates use both fusion and fisson to transmit ships across space. One end breaks the ship down, the other end puts the ship back together. A good idea as it may seem, a thousand complications could result. For example, the other end reconstructing the ship incorrectly. Or another ship being sent to a station at the same time, resulting in a sort of hybrid ship. To prevent this is the use of the Supercomputer.

The Jump Gate computer is about six thousand times more powerful than the most powerful computer on Earth right now. It would have to be, it has to store a molecular structure for an entire ship. There are actually several of these computers, one at each Jump Gate station. They are on a specific computer wavelength, a sort of super-internet, which they transmit the information from one to another on what a ship should be reconstructed looking like. The vast majority of a waiting period between the destruction and restruction of ship and crew is waiting for the data to send!

Another problem the Gates could face would be the dual-send. If two ships came together as one mass of energy, it would be impossiable to sort them out. For this reason, the Gate operators are forced to call ahead to every other Gate using the computer network, making sure no ships are schedualed for sending or arrival at the Gate their ship is heading for. Much like planes on a runway, each awaits their turn to avoid disaster.

Of course there's the fear that the energy of a ship could lose course, and shoot off into space, never to be seen again. However, if targeted correctly, the energy could travel without obstruction to its appointed destination. This is why Jump Gates have one of the most precise navigational computers in the W-10 galaxy. The computer analazes exactly the place the energy must go, and sends it in that direction. If it passes through a planet, there's no trouble. It just keeps going. If there has been a slight mistake in calculation, Jump Gates also have the ability to adjust their reciving areas to compensate for the mistake and still capture the entirity of the Ship and Crew.

Overall? Jump Gates are big, expensive, really advanced toys that the Myches made and operate, and cost a ton to maintain. So, a toll is charged to use them. However, they make a seven year travel from one end of the galaxy to another a two second trip. Which is pretty damn handy, if you have someplace to be in a hurry.