you're now in spoiler territory. this may not necessarily spoil the comic plot, but is def still spoiler stuff. TURN BACK NOW if you don't want that.

The Myche Quest for their Homeworld

As previously mentioned in the Myches article, Myches do not know where their homeworld is and have been searching unsuccessfully for it for almost a century. They've found no genetic cousins, and the space station they first appeared on offered them no clues.

The reason for this is simple.

Myches do not come from this universe.

Myches are residents of a parallel universe, in which they they occupy the place Chuians occupy in this universe. Being extremely technologically and biologically advanced, Myches were able to open holes in both space and time, and did so in pursuit of breaking the lightspeed barrier.

The theory which Myches developed was that if one were to open a hole between universes, one might be able to take an object (say, a spaceship) from one universe, break it into pure data, and move it to a different location in a nearly identical parallel universe, at a different point in space and time. In other words, the hole would 'hold' a ship until it located another universe and was able to place it at its desired point in time.

The main problem with this was that in order to "bridge" the universes, Myches knew they first needed to get someone to the other side of the "river" of space time between universes, so to speak. The travel was too traumatic for anyone to make one-way with their wits in tact, so Myches set about genetically programming themselves to retain certain traits and memories. Because they weren't sure how long a period of time it would take to build the "bridge", their genetics were also designed to be wildly varied via mutation with each subsequent birth - a trait which manifests through their technicolour fur, and the fact that Myches have no real familial concepts. A parent is as far genetically divorced from their offspring as a Human born in a Nigerian city today is from a Human born 400 years ago to Inuit parents.

A hole in space time was then opened to our universe, and a clutch of eggs sent through. Compelled by their genetics, these Myches would begin the process of later building Jump Gates which would allow both universes to move freely through space and time.

In their own universe, Myches look mostly the same, except their fur colours are much more "normalized" to browns, greys, and other earthtones.

It is supposed that at some point in time, Myches must figure out where they've come from - because in order for the "bridge" to work properly, a central "support" inbetween the universes in the form of a space station must be constructed to hold, process, and redirect data. Because this support exists outside the confines of space and time for either universe, it has simultaneously always existed and has yet to exist. The fact that the Jump Gates work, however, indicates that at some point, the Myches do figure out where they come from.

So there you have it. Myches are the Chuians of a parallel universe, unable to find their homeworld because it quite simply doesn't exist in our world. They were sent here in order to assist in breaking the light-speed barrier for space travel in order to advance science and exploration in two universes.

And that's what we call science fiction, my friends.